Customers can now obtain a financing facility to purchase a registered vehicle without a hassle! NDB has abolished the need for guarantors and initial monthly installments, while the facility is granted in one day! Allowing you to drive away with your vehicle.

This facility is available for those who wish to purchase a vehicle registered in Sri Lanka for more than one year.  

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What types of registered vehicles are eligible to obtain a hire purchase facility?
  • Lorries
  • Double cabs
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Vans
  • Cars
  • Jeeps

Why should you obtain a hire purchase facility from NDB?

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Minimum documentation
  • One day service

What are the benefits you will get from NDB?

  • Fixed installment
  • Tailor-made repayment terms to suit your cash flow needs
  • Discounted insurance premium for all assets leased
  • Easy access to other banking products of NDB
  • Efficient and personalized service

Who can apply for a hire purchase facility from NDB?

  • An entrepreneur
  • A business enterprise
  • A professional
  • A salaried employee
  • Self-employed individuals

How do I apply for a hire purchase facility?

  • Contact the nearest NDB branch and collect your application.
  • Submit the complete application along with the required documents to NDB

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