Real Saver
Welcome to a new world of financial freedom - banking that makes sense to you.

One Account is a versatile account that offers you the ability to deposit, save, invest, withdraw, spend and plan all in one go!

With one account you can;
  • Sweep anything in excess of your cash needs into your money market account , invest in the corporate debt or share market with ease
  • Speed up savings
  • Add in a retirement savings or an income plan for yourself
  • Incorporate an education plan for your kids
  • Avail yourself to NDB VISA Credit/Debit Card offers throughout the year

One Account is a built-in bundle of 3 Essentials
  • A Current Account
    • With free cheque books, ATM Card and online banking facilities
  • A Visa Credit Card
    • With extra super offers, of course!
  • AA Rated Money Market Fund
    • Gives you high returns on savings, completely tax-free!

Special Benefits of "One Account"
  • Tax free Income
  • Doorstep wealth management
  • Unrestricted withdrawals

For most of us managing a gamut of financial products can be tiresome. Fulfill all your banking needs Using "One Account"

So what are you waiting for?

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