As part of its continued efforts to galvanize local export crops, NDB pioneered 'Cinnamon to the World', a national initiative that aims to empower the Cinnamon growers, exporters and Cinnamon related product manufacturers in the country; with a vision to stimulate Cinnamon export growth in Sri Lanka.

A long term strategy has been ironed out to partner the industry with a view to help 'Ceylon Cinnamon' achieve recognition as an international brand synonymous with the country's unique identity. As such, NDB's association with the industry spans from grass root level home growers to large scale exporters. This affiliation is not only limited to financing but also encompasses empowerment and strengthening of the support system thus creating a conducive environment for accelerated growth.

These industry initiatives are strategically partnered by Export Development Board, Spice Council of Sri Lanka and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
Manufacturing Process
While the cinnamon industry involves a large degree of labour, it is a sustainable industry; where it is harvested using a process called coppicing where trees are cut, but their roots and part of their stem (a stipulated length) are kept so that new trees can grow. The harvested trees are then carefully processed, where their outer bark is scrapped off and the inner bark is loosened and removed. These are then dried in shade until they curl.
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