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Credit Card Tariff revision

NDB Credit Card tariff (Section 3.11) will be revised w.e.f 04th March 2015 and the new charges can be viewed on the 'service charges' page on the Bank's corporate website www.ndbbank.com

Debit Card Tariff Revision

NDB Visa Debit Card tariff (Section 3.11) has been revised w.e.f 15th January 2015 and the new charges can be viewed on the 'service charges' page. Click here to view the tariff booklet.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA):

Are you a US Citizen, US Green Card Holder, US Resident, US Corporation, a Foreign Entity with substantial US owners (i.e. 10%) or act as agent for a US principal ? if yes, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) applies to you! Please contact your NDB Relationship/Branch Manager for more information.

FATCA Notice published by the Sri Lanka Bankers Association

Renewal of WITHHOLDING TAX declaration on Rupee Deposits Interest for the year of assessment 2014/2015

The annual procedure pertaining to the Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act No 10 of 2006 requires you to submit a new withholding tax declaration for the year of assessment commencing 1 April 2014.

Withholding Tax is applicable for all Personal Rupee Savings, Call and Time Deposit accounts.

Withholding Tax payable on interest earned on Rupee deposits would depend on the individual’s total assessable income declared during the year of assessment.

The thresholds are as follows:

Annual Assessable Income
(for the year of assessment 2014/15)
Withholding Tax Rate
Upto LKR 500,000.00 0% p.a.
Between LKR 500,000.00 and LKR 1,500,000.00 2.5% p.a.
LKR 1,500,000.00 and above 8% p.a.

Please note the following:

Withholding Tax on the minor accounts is based on the Parent's / Guardian's tax status

In case of joint accounts, each account holder should submit a separate declaration form. In the event we do not receive a valid declaration form duly filled/signed, we will be compelled to apply Withholding Tax at a rate of 8% p.a.


Please download the Withholding Tax Declaration Form and return it via post to the following address on or before 10 March 2014 or hand over same to the nearest NDB Bank branch.

National Development Bank PLC
P.O. Box 1825
40, Nawam Mawatha
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka

Download: Withholding Tax Declaration Form 2014/2015

Please contact your branch or our 24 hour Contact Centre on +94 11 244 8888 for any clarifications.

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